DecideAlready! offers 3 decision making solutions
  • The easiest.
  • Each person gets one vote.
  • The answer with the most votes wins.
  • Great for casual or common business decisions.
  • Participants rank the answers in their order of preference.
  • 'Drag and Drop' interface makes the ranking fun and easy.
  • The answer with the highest combined rank wins.
  • Great for casual or common business decisions.
  • Makes even complex decisions easy.
  • Participants use sliders to rate potential answers based on criteria.
  • Moderator can give weight to criteria.
  • Every participant gets the same level of input.
  • Best option for complex business decisions.

5 Reasons To Join Decide Already!

  1. It's Free!

    Using DecideAlready to make decisions is free. Our Simple and Ranked decision methods will always be free. Even our Advanced decision method, featuring the DecideAlready Decision Machine is free for a limited time.

  2. End Annoying Email 'Reply-Alls'

    When you ask a group of people for opinions via email, you often spark a seemingly endless string of replies. Most of your participants are more interested in having their say than hearing everyone else's.

  3. Make Decisions Faster

    Some decisions need to be made quickly. DecideAlready solicits feedback instantly and calculates results on the go. You have the option to limit time for responses. The DecideAlready Decision Machine can even calculate your results automatically and email the final decision to your participants.

  4. Build Confidence. Build Consensus

    When you make a decision using DecideAlready, all of your participants will know that their voice was heard. They'll also know that their input was considered fairly, and that a decision was made professionally.

  5. The Decision Machine

    It's Powerful and it's Fun! The DecideAlready Decision Machine helps you make even the most complex decisions easily. Your participants can rate each of your answers based on several criteria. When voting closes, you can adjust the importance of each criteria. The Decision Machinepredicts the effect of your actions on the final decision instantly!